• Coleen Merk

Apparently I am Now a Senior Citizen

A few weeks ago my daughter and I drove to Texas A&M University, at College Station, for an interview and campus tour.

In all the years I have lived in Texas, this was the first time for me to visit this part of our state. It is truly beautiful.

Once we arrived to the campus and my daughter went her on scheduled tour, we had some time before checking into our hotel room. So, we decided to take our own driving tour of the campus.

Kyle Field is HUGE, I did not realize it is the largest stadium in the Southeastern Conference. In fact, it is the fourth largest stadium in the United States!

I had forgotten that George H.W. Bush Library is also on the campus. So, we decided to stop in and check it out as well.

I went up to the counter to purchase tickets to the library and the attendant asked me how many tickets. I answered with "two adult tickets," but  then I looked up and realized I actually qualified for their senior citizen discount, which is for ages 62 and up.

WHOA!  I literally laughed and then told the lady "that will be one adult ticket and one senior citizen ticket."

I continued to burst into laughter throughout the trip, just thinking of how strange to be there with my 23 year-old dear daughter, and her mom qualifies as a senior citizen!

You know what, though? It's truly all about mindset. There are real advantages of having children when you are 40! You technically don’t have time to get old and grumpy, since you're running around keeping up with kiddos.

I am having a blast touring these campuses with my daughter.

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