• Coleen Merk

Delayed But Not Derailed

I was doing great last week, staying on course and then . . .

Friday came along. Well, truthfully, it started Thursday afternoon. What do you do when your schedule gets hijacked and turned upside down?

I came home Thursday night from my monthly women's Elevate meeting with the Every Heart Project to find a huge, 18-wheeler gravel truck and oil tanker truck in my driveway! My husband had been working with the contractor to come out and add a little more to our driveway and patch up a few spots. Well now it looked like an ant hill Friday morning with trucks, blowers, gravel, bobcats, workers and more.

You can only imagine the dust they were stirring up in the process.

We had to move all of our trailers and vehicles off of our driveway to allow them to work. We were parked all over our country roads, thankfully not packed with other vehicles. I decided this was a great time to get in my vehicle and head out for a bit. My husband kept me posted, and promptly let me know when it was safe to come back home and avoid being covered in a sheet of dust!

So, how do you handle being flexible and at the same time stay on track with goals you set in place? I asked myself this question again on Saturday when I realized that I had not paid a few bills that were due on Friday. YIKES . . . .

I went back to this saying “What is the ONE THING I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”  

First I put the fire out with the credit card statement bill that I missed paying Friday. My mind was racing, OH NO, will they raise my interest rate? That was first reaction, then I said, “Look, it is already done, so just go online and pay the bill.” I went online and guess what . . . . "we are sorry to inform you that our online website is down. Sorry for the inconvenience." Geez, really?!

Instead of getting overly agitated, I called the customer service number. When the customer service rep came on the call, I explained how I messed up by not paying my bill yesterday and how the online site is now down, and asked her to help me.

Not only did she take my payment over the phone, she was able to waive the late fee, and it would not raise my interest rate, since we have been such a good customer. And, she gave me a lower interest rate to use for the the next six months if I choose to use this credit card!

Wow, talk about favor! I will take it. Next I finished paying the other bills that were due on Friday and made a special run to the post office to make sure I was on time.

You know, life and circumstances get in the way, but it does not have to derail us.

I put my big goal in front of me that I want to achieve in three years and nine months from now. Then I figured out what needs to be done right now, today, in the moment, and I got my panties out of a wad and made the urgent, at the moment things, get done!

Then I was able to focus on the rest of Saturday and Sunday, and as of today, Tuesday, I am back on track shooting towards that big goal. Stay the course, friends. We are in this together!

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