• Coleen Merk

Finding My Strength in Dark Places

A few months after my daughter turned 19, I celebrated my 60th birthday.

The year I turned 40 was one I will never forget! My family had a huge surprise 40th birthday party for me. My son was just 2 years old. I found out that they had to tone the celebration down when they found out that there were going to be little ones there! My young son was one of them.

A few weeks after the 40th birthday bash, we went in for our 5th IVF to see if we could pregnant again, and it was a success! Our daughter ended 11 years of infertility, the 1st and 5th IVF were successful.

Little did I know how this journey would give me the strength later on to address elder abuse of someone I dearly loved.

Going through infertility will put to the test, the strongest of strongest, physically, mentally and spiritually. It will test the best relationship!

I tell everyone, I am married to a saint!

I will be sharing my story of how my husband and I went through infertility to get our two miracle babies. This took place back in the “dark ages” before Internet, Smartphones & Digital Thermometers!

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