• Coleen Merk

Finding My Voice after 60

Three years ago, my husband and I moved into a “fixer upper” investment home. We moved in before we had a chance to do any improvements to the house other than cleaning it up and taking the old carpet out!

As we started to remodel, I saved the old drawers, ceiling fan blades, old legs from left over furniture, old wood from a building we tore down and started giving new life to items most of us would throw away.

The front porch had 6 posts to hold it up and we only needed 4. I just finished a hall tree for my office using one of the old front porch posts.

I took the ceiling fan blades from the fans we replaced and made dragonflies. They will make a wonderful addition to a room or patio. 

I discovered “Chalk Paint” and it makes it sooo easy to add lots of color to the new masterpieces. When my wild eclectic ideas goes beyond my construction capabilities, my husband takes them into his shop and creates these unique pieces. Then they come to my workroom to get their facelift with chalk paint and knobs and stenciling.

As word spread, my friends started giving me their “throw away” pieces. Then, I ventured out into the world of First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas. Then we discovered McKinney Trade Days and a few other flea markets.

I upcycle and repurpose “throw away” pieces into new masterpieces. Each piece is unique and truly one-of-a-kind. When they go to their new home or office, my wish is that their new owner will feel the happiness and enjoyment from this new creation.

After witnessing elder abuse of someone I dearly loved, I realize that a lot of our elderly are being thrown away!

It has been very healing to see a discarded piece being given a new life again. The last three years has been a healing process for me.  I have upcycled and repurposed myself into a new masterpiece. I have found my voice.

I will be sharing more about elder abuse and what I went through, and some tips of how to prevent this from happening to the ones without a voice.

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