• Coleen Merk

How to Unplug & Create Your Adventure

Sometimes you just need to unplug and get away! That's exactly what we did over the Thanksgiving holiday. My husband and I hitched up our cargo trailer with our UTV inside and headed down to The Hill Country.

I guess you could say we were really "roughing it" at the La Quinta Inn & Suites Marble Falls with a room and balcony, overlooking Lake Marble Falls. That's how we roll.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park was our playground to go riding in our UTV. We purchased a two-day pass and went into their park area and set up camp for the day. It was so nice to ride and be able to come back to our truck for drinks, food and restroom breaks. This was our first time at this park to take our Polaris Rzr. It was a lot of fun and full of awesome off-road riding trails and adventures. The view was absolutely spectacular at the top of some of these “mountainous” trails. Well, to me it was a mountain. I'm told they are called “hills” in this part of Texas.

What we liked about this park is that it was a contained area for off-road riding, and we truly felt comfortable riding by ourselves. Other trips we have taken in the past were in the Ozark National Forest and when we took off in the morning, we would pack for the whole day without coming back to camp. On these trips, we always would go in a group. These riding trails, however, ranged from very gentle to extreme! We ended up on one trail that was extreme. It was going down a very rough dry uneven creek bed! There were a few times that only three wheels were touching the ground. We made sure our seat belts were on snug and tight. That was exhilarating and a talk about a great way to get the heart pumping!

There is a very steep rock climbing hill where the off-roading jeeps were climbing! What was interesting to me, in our Rzr we just keep going up or down the trails. These jeeps literally crawl up and down in some of their lowest gears! All the passengers get out except the driver and they all walk up or down the hill directing the driver which rock to climb over next! What got me was seeing one Jeep pass us by with their windows up and the A/C going! 

Riding in the Rzr allows me to get way off the main road back into the country and see nature up close.  I had my goggles on and bandana up over my nose, with jacket zipped up to the top, and a hat on to keep as much dust and sun away from me. When we made it to the top of some these incredible hills, just looking out over them was really therapy to me! Talk about a new perspective!

The icing on the cake was being close to our day camp and being able to come back and enjoy nice restrooms facilities - with running water - and being blessed to set up my chair and eat lunch in the shade.

At the end of each day we packed up and went back to camp out at the La Quinta Inn Suites & Marble Falls! We were able to enjoy a nice hot shower and a clean room overlooking Lake Marble Falls. Then off to dinner at Doc’s Fish Camp & Grill, and of course the famous Blue Bonnet Cafe for lunch the next day. After that we walked off our food at the Pottery Ranch, and exploring Historic Main Street shopping, and we got some adult beverages at the Old Oak Square. As the evening came upon us, we drove over to Lake Marble Falls and enjoyed the Walkway of Lights. We could even see our hotel room on the other side of the lake. It was a wonderful way to finish off a great few days away from the hustle and bustle of our busy home and businesses!

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