• Coleen Merk

It's Time for Termite Control

So, how do you keep termites out of your head?

You might be wondering if that's a typo.

Did I really just say termites in your head?

Yes, you read that correctly!

I asked my husband recently what that “shiny metal” was that he was putting around the beams and piers in our foundation to the new addition of our house. 

He said, “termites are not able to crawl on metal. It is a barrier to help keep them from reaching the wood that sets on the beams and piers, that is used to frame up the home.” Apparently, termites are attracted to moisture around the foundation of a house. This part of the foundation usually has plenty of moisture and it is a popular area for termites to gather do their “thing.” (That thing is basically eat through your biggest investment over a period of time.)

Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper, completely undetected. Plus, if any of these areas are moist and starting to decay, your chances of these unwanted critters greatly increases!

So, is there something in your life right now that you need to put up a metal barrier to keep these “silent destroyers” away from you?

What is starting to get moist and decay? Are you attracting depression, anxiety, health issues, poor relations with your spouse, children rebelling, etc.?

If we don't seek out those treatments and protective measures, everything we've worked so hard for will begin to disintegrate. 

What can you do right now to arm yourself with a metal edging around those vulnerable areas of your life? Be intentional and put your livelihood first. It matters. Ideas for arming yourself might be prayer, meditation, affirmations, finding a new tribe, or just a change of scenery!

In my book “The Starting Over Toolbox Reinvent Yourself at Any Age” I talk about the different tools that I used to move on from a painful experience without losing my sanity. Be sure to grab your copy and learn more. 


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