• Coleen Merk

Learning How to Dress Again (after 60!)

I feel like I am learning to dress myself all over again.

I remember when I was growing up, my mom always said, “Don’t wear striped pants with polka-dotted shirts.” Oh and, “make sure your pants and shirts are color-coordinated, too!”

Geez, now I see everything these days!

Now that I am over the age of 60, I am asking myself, should I wear those pants rolled up higher than my ankle? Do I put on a pink dress and then finish it off with a lime green sweater? Now that’s another thing too! What length should my sweater or jacket be? Above the waist, below the “boobs,” below the waist, down to the hip line? The other major thing I have struggled with is what length should my pants, capri, and shorts be? And of course, does it matter what shoes you wear with them?

I see women wearing heels with shorts!

Decisions, decisions, decisions ! ! ! ! !

I hired several image consultants a few years ago when I was first starting my business. They were good. I learned a lot, but I found that I am not dressing the way they suggested either!

If you have had any of these challenges, what are you doing?

Here are a few places I found where their clothes fit my “mature” figure and still have lots of colors and fashion . . .

Reba available at Dillards

Tallbots – Their pants fit me ! ! ! ! ! And I don’t have to worry when I bend over I am exposing something I should keep covered! Their “Curvy” brand!

I have come to the conclusion that I can add a splash of punk, a mix of bling, a touch of country, and even bright colors that stand out in a crowd, and I just go with it!

Truth be told, I am finally learning how to quit worrying about whether I am dressed properly or not, because it seems like anything goes these days, and it does not matter what age you are, either.

My new wardrobe motto – “Do I feel good and am I comfortable?” If so, then I simply go with it and have a great time! ! ! !

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