• Coleen Merk

Lessons From the Worksite

We received a call from a prospective client asking us to provide an estimate to replace his warped water damaged wood floors for the SECOND time.

He proceeded to share with us how his house was only two years old and they had this done once already since moving in.

Our first question we posed, “where is the leak and has it been fixed?” This was an entertainment room in the basement. When we headed down the stairs to check it out, we noticed the baseboards and some of the lower part of the sheetrock walls were also warped, in addition to the hardwood floor.

I thought back from my journey these last few years and was realizing how warped my own mind must have been when I began to attempt to repair the damage. Suddenly I was comparing my mind to these hardwood floors. With so much damage, the flooring is the foundation, and it doesn’t stand a chance at repair until all the leaks are fixed.

I opened up my “starting over toolbox” and pulled out my hard hat. In my upcoming book, “The Starting Over Toolbox,” I share how I used many of these ‘tools’ to repair the damage and reinvent my life. The ‘hard hat’ was to protect my mind from any further water damage hitting me, as I began to assess the damage. Just as our client summoned an expert out to their house to fix the leak, I had to summon my own experts, such as books on detoxing my brain and tapping into my own strength to overcome. During this time, the ‘hard hat’ represents my conscious decision to stop the leak from doing more damage while I made adjustments.

The client accepted our bid, and as of recently, we have almost finished the job. First of all, we went in and removed all the damaged flooring. Then we went in and tore out the damaged sheetrock and baseboards that were warped. Unfortunately there was no salvaging any of the damaged pieces, which is a good reminder that sometimes we have to rebuild the foundation when sh*t hits the fan. I had to allow myself some time to figure out how to remove all of that bad information and negativity I harbored inside my head, following some pretty tough times. I knew I’d have to rebuild if I had any chance of moving forward in a healthy way.

This has been a process and I am amazed at how my different tools I pull out of my ‘toolbox’ that have helped me to replace the warped boards and sheetrock and baseboards in my mind.

It truly is a journey. Sometimes I get a water leak and I need to go back in and find the leak! It might be a negative or toxic thought, and one that needs to be ripped out and replaced. But hey, I guess it’s a good thing it’s all repairable! Our minds truly are powerful, and for that I’m incredibly thankful.

Be sure to join me at my upcoming book launch celebration as I publish my first solo book, “The Starting Over Toolbox: Reinvent Yourself at Any Age.”

Tickets are available now, and include a signed copy of the book!

I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

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