• Coleen Merk

Life Doesn't Stop at 60

When you turn “60” (Sixty), life does not have to Stop!

For me, being in my 60’s is getting more exciting each day I wake up! I have several things I am passionate about and I will be sharing them with you.

I am happily married to my best friend, we celebrated our 40th anniversary!

I am a recent “empty nester.” I have friends my age that have grandkids my “kids” age!

After years of infertility, we were successful in having a family. I have two adult children, in their twenties, who I am sooo proud of, and a lovely daughter in law.

It is never toooo late to start a business. Especially in something you love to do. Right after I turned 60, we moved into an investment home we had, which is truly a “fixer upper.” I started taking old drawers, ceiling fan blades, old legs, old wood from a building we tore down and give new life to items most of us would throw away. I love working with the bright colors using “Chalk Paint” to give these masterpieces a new purpose. When they go to their new home, my wish is, they bring a spirit of hope, happiness and enjoyment to their new place.

A few weeks after I turned 60, my life changed forever! My husband and I chose to move on, for our own well being and safety, after witnessing elder abuse of someone I dearly loved.

Time heals, it has been three years. As I started to upcycle and repurpose items that most people throw away, I realized that I am doing the same thing myself.

I met Janet Bernstein of SavvyGirlMedia last summer, and I was blown away by her message, “Everyone has a story to tell.” She joined up with Lori Dixon of Walk With Lori these ladies are helping women to get their story out. They formed the “Every Heart Project.” After attending a few of their events, classes and retreats, I got my feet back under me and I am ready to inspire, connect and share with those struggling, especially the issues I have experienced in my 60’s.

I was just informed the other day I am in the “Sandwich Generation.”

Hey, I thought I was a Baby Boomer! Well that too!

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