• Coleen Merk

Life is Never Dull in the Country!

Usually I love Mondays! But yesterday it started a bit crappy, quite literally.

It was that time of morning where I let my boss out to do her rounds of border patrol of the front yard. Chevy is a 12 pound Norwich Terrier with a very keen sense of smell and eyes that can see all the way down to the other end of our county road. She is my alarm, doorbell and greeter.

I was standing on the front walkway surveying it from my vantage point when I noticed her walk over to a HUGE pile next to our living room window. I was trying to figure out what it was. Was it a HUGE ant pile? Was it a pile of leaves that had blown in from across the road? It was definitely new to our yard!

As she approached this big gigantuan pile, she jumped back as soon as her nose detected it. Okay, now I was perplexed too!

This former “city girl” finally got brave enough to get a little closer and see what had invaded our yard. GEEZ, that was the biggest poop pile I had seen in a while! I started to look for hoof marks in the yard, but I didn’t see anything around this “pile.”

From my former “cow” days a few years ago, I knew this was not a cow “patty.” Was it a hog? We have heard hogs in the night near our property, but we haven't ever seen them. It was too big for a coyote...

Walking around the yard I went over to where my truck was parked to make sure there was no damage to it. That was when I spotted two more huge piles. But there were no tracks in the gravel driveway. Then I spotted “HORSE” foot prints in the front yard where the grass was still wet from all of the rain we've had this year.

Later I confirmed who the runaways were from my video camera footage. They came through around 4:35 am. They belong to a neighbor a few properties from us.

I left these stinky little gifts for my husband to discover when he got home later that day. He came in and asked "whose horse got loose?"

It took a shovel, and a big plastic trash can to collect the unwanted deposits and put them in our dump trailer to be hauled away.

Say what you will, but life is never dull in the country!

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