• Coleen Merk

My Confession

Hi guys. I have a confession to make, and what a great sort of day to make a confession. The weather is perfect. We've had some very cold, rainy weather this fall. We didn't really have much fall weather this year. So, anyway, I thought, let's make a confession on a gorgeous day.

My confession is that I was ready to quit six to eight weeks ago. Quit on what you may ask? Writing my second book. I said, why are you even writing your book? You've got all this other stuff going on. So I thought to myself, “How will I feel five years from now if I don't write this book? How will I feel ten years from now?” Then I thought to myself, “There's never a “right” time.” So, I started to think about what I did this year that's kept me so busy? I've written parts of the book, I've done lots of mind mapping. I thought I had the outline done and then I looked closer and I realized that major changes needed to be made. For example, the beginning of the book needs to go maybe halfway or two thirds of the way through the book! Another thing I realized when I was evaluating is that what I have to say wasn't meant to be put down on paper. It wasn't meant to be full blown going full speed ahead as a book yet. So, I said to myself that I wanted a new direction this year! I wanted to be a speaker. I'm learning how to do that. I joined new organizations for that. I also wanted to redo my website to reflect more of where I'm going now. I wanted to update the pictures on the site to show that we've been adding about 800 square feet to our house! So, part of the book is the journey going through this. You may have seen some of my content about my new glam closet, which is part of this expansion. I'm so excited. It is really looking good. By the way, go check out my website, Coleenmerck.com, we've updated it. You’ve seen some of the updates on my social media. I found some incredible people to work with on social media as I realized I can't learn how to manage all of it, redo the website and social media all at the same time! So, some of it had to give. As I started to go through and think of the things that I have done, I thought, “Okay. You didn't slouch off too much this year, you’re doing fine!” My confession is that I felt like giving up, and I don't believe in ever giving up! When things kind of get a little overwhelming, as they were for me about six, eight weeks ago. Just stop. Evaluate where you are, what have you done to get to this point, and how is it going to be in the future?

I've reset some of my goals, we are getting close to the end of the glamour closet, new website is up with the new pictures and now it's ready to really get to work! This year I’m going to get into the book again, so many different ideas are coming to me, so it wasn't time lost.

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