• Coleen Merk

My Mind Shift

There are a few changes that I want to make in order to meet a huge big goal that I have set for myself, three years and nine months from now.

I said, “Mind, we need to adjust what I do each day in order to reach this incredible exciting target.”

A few years ago I read “The One Thing” by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan, there is a quote that popped up in my mind recently and I have been using it to get excited and motivated to make things happen. The last two days I put it at the top of my calendar to remind me!

“What’s the One Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

This goal is not a common everyday thing for someone to accomplish. As Gary Keller points out in his book, there is no choice but to seek an uncommon approach to make it happen!

I am backing up from my end goal to right now, what do I need to do today to make this happen.

The words “Can Do” is helping me do something right now, today, by the end of the day to take one step towards this goal.

I am also doing this to my body shape right now too! I want a different mold than what I am carrying around right now.

Okay, here's a confession I have to make to you today... For the past few years I have gotten into the habit of snacking right before I go to bed. I will have already had dinner, and find myself sitting in my comfy chair and a few hours later I will get this craving. Then I say, “Self” you deserve that piece of chocolate or crackers or second helping from dinner! Well, after a few years of developing this wonderful habit, I don’t know about you, BUT I am wearing too much of it!

These last few days, when I get up and go through my schedule for the day, I talk to myself and say "if you want that leaner look, you need to adjust what goes into your mouth!" It is amazing to see my mind begin to change when I feed it with positive direction and small, obtainable everyday goals. Just take one thing and make it happen!

Okay, it's more than just words; I am training my mind with images, then words, then intentions and I am putting that huge goal in front of me. The other one big thing that will propel me towards that big goal, is finishing my solo book. I have had several deadlines in the past that I just did not meet. Talk about getting discouraged! BIG TIME! When I remembered this phrase of “the One Big” thing - it clicked for me. These are just a few things recently that I am doing to reach that goal! Change our minds and the rest will follow!

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