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Navigating the Tech World

Who wants to be independent of your "Geek" adult children?

Me, me, me!!

It was not too long ago that I remember when the first iPhone came out. I was at a dog show in San Antonio when my son called me and he and my husband were on their way to the store to get one. It was a few weeks after it came out and the lines were gone, and you could purchase the device. It was a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls and a breakthrough Internet communications device. Boy, how did we survive before this?

My husband and I homeschooled our son and daughter and I was always looking for ways to be innovative in teaching them. One of the things I enjoyed was keeping up to date on the latest technologies with the internet and electronic devices. I was the one who discovered them, and then I would purchase them and ask my son and daughter to figure it out, install it, set it up, and then show “mom” how to use it. And then, when I pushed or touched the wrong button, I would ask them to fix my screw-up.

Well that worked very well until a few years ago! Now, they are busy with their own lives and they don’t have time to come by and get mom or dad out of a bind.

My husband and I still have not figured out the “blankety-blank” sound bar remote control! One day we will master that one! It takes a good bribe to get my son or daughter to fix that one!

I found “Geek Squad” and Janet Bernstein with Savvy Girl Media to take over the ”Geek”  part of the internet, electronic gadget, websites, and software.

But, before my daughter left, I managed to get proficient with Facebook, videos, and I even set up my own YouTube channel!  I am working to do “live” on social media!

I remember the first time I tried to do a video with my smartphone! I think I took all day to just do 2 minutes of video! I wanted to make sure my hair, my clothes, makeup were perfect! And I said everything perfect!

You know, with these smartphones, they can do it all. I made up my mind that I could do this on my own, with no one assisting me!

Check back with me and I will tell you how I learned to do a “selfie!”  You know, they are not that easy, at least it did not start out that well for me!

I will be sharing with you how I am navigating the social media world. This is one of the avenues of how I am getting my message out to help transform the thinking of our throw-away society.

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