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Our Dream Home Construction Diary

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

In my last episode of “My Glam Closet”, I showed you where we did the ground prep all the way to pouring the piers and beams. This week, let’s continue the journey! This is a photo of the beam and this is the pier right there. I walked up to the job site shortly after this was done and I saw this. I don't know if you can see here there was this metal strip that was going all the way around this beam on the inside as well as outside. And I asked my husband, this is what is that?

This is where we started building the sub floor. When you put a sheet of plywood on that, that's what we walk on. Way over here in this corner is where the glam closet is going in the structure.

In order to add onto this new addition to our house, we had to get into the existing roof. My husband took the siding off and there used to be a fireplace there, though we've never been able to use it since we moved in. We could stand on the inside and literally see daylight out. It was definitely time to retire that. So he is getting into it in this photo below and tying into the existing roofline in order to tie in are to add on to the roofline for the new addition.

Here we have the start structure starting to go up. The guys called it “putting sticks in the air”. This is the framing of the walls going in. Right over here is the area where I get a whole corner of this structure from my glam closet.

Now it’s time to start putting the roof on! When you put a roof structure on, until you put the shingles on the decking you must be very careful walking through the structure because of the braces that are put in place to support the walls and here there are a lot of supports.

When you walk out to a construction site, that is in a framing stage. They have to brace the walls so that they don't go in and out with the winds and things. You know, sometimes they'll they'll move and weave and you do not want that. I don't know about you, but I like a straight walls. I don't want them curved in and out. So, all of this structure right here was to prevent that from moving until they get the roof on. And I said, “You know what? I need a lot of bracing in the areas that I'm going in to!”

Now we're starting to put the exterior siding on. They call this OSB and they're starting to get it ready to put the decking on the roof. Now we're getting the shingles on. Yes! So now we're going to be able to start drying it in. These guys came through and they put the shingles on this edition in about three fourths of a day! AMAZING WORK!

Man, this is this is really starting to get real. Ok, in this photo you can't miss him in his orange OSHA compliant shirt. This is the front of the house. Right now he's working on all the trim. This is the overhang from your roof. That kind of goes over your windows. You put it on at this stage and we're still working on getting the exterior trim completed.

The next thing you need to do once all of that is completed is install an exterior vapor called “Tyvek” This is what goes on the house between the plywood and the exterior.

We're going to be putting in Austin Stone. Yes!! My husband and I have dreamed of house with Austin Stone since we were first married. We went down to the Texas Hill country and fell in love with the look of the Austin Stone tiles and now it's going to happen. So, I am really excited.

If there's something that you really want. Don't ever give up. You never know where it's going to come through.

We never assumed that we would be able to have the home of our dreams, but here we are! As we started to do the construction of this, we were talking very seriously about the exterior. We go, “Oh, let's do the Austin Stone!”

So anyway, what you do is you bring this barrier in and you push it inside these openings. That window there is right next to my bathroom vanity and I get a beautiful view of the lake. So they wrap this white tie back in and then they put the windows on top of that. So that really helps to give you a good tight seal once you put the stone on.

Whenever you've got a project, you've got to take care of your crew. Your crew should be taken into consideration, all of our subcontractors - we've got concrete, roofers, framers, electricians. We've had plumbers. You have to take care of them. I don't know about you, but my house could not accommodate all of them. So, we brought out a portal and it is serviced once a week. So, take care of your people when they take care of you! A very necessary part. And yes, it sits in front of my front yard.

It is starting to frame and we've got the roof on. I am so excited. They're using the glam closet here to hold the plans. They have the set of plans there to figure in everything. All of the wiring, the electrical went in, the heating and air conditioning, all of the duct work started to go in. This is what goes on at this stage and it's insulated on the inside.

So anyway, I'm getting excited. I'm going to have a nice, warm, glam closet. It's now insulated. It's got the white Tyvek on the outside. So stay tuned. Never give up on your dream. It is so exciting.

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