• Coleen Merk

Out With the Old, In With the New (part 1)

As 2017 came to a close, we chose to remove our old, Fruitless Mulberry and Hackberry trees on our property. When fall came along and they dropped their leaves, and they were still GREEN. Mistletoe had started growing on them a few years earlier and now it was pretty obvious that it had taken over our trees.

Mistletoe has always been associated with Christmas time. You know the drill; you put it over the doorway and steal a kiss from your honey! It goes back to the old ancient Druid times. It is supposed to possess mystical powers which bring good luck to the household, as well as ward off evil spirits.

If so, then why was it killing all of my trees? I found out that birds transfer mistletoe. It is a parasite that grows on the tree and sends out roots that penetrate into the branches and take up their nutrients.

How ironic that something that's supposed to bring good luck could be choking all of the life right out of my trees!

I found myself asking the question, Did I have any mistletoe rooting into me that was giving me mystical powers and good luck? 

Or was the mistletoe digging deep into me and cutting off my nutrients and lifeline?

As I reflected back on 2017, did I have anything that I needed to chop down? Were any of my limbs or trunks about ready to die or fall off?

I could not help but compare myself to my trees.

Trees take time to grow! They establish a root system that is below the ground, that we cannot see. Hopefully it is strong enough to support a huge canopy as it grows and gives shade to the the ground below.

The trees were a sanctuary for the birds. Just a few weeks before the end of the year I saw 3 sets of Cardinals, which carry their own meanings for many people I know. None of this symbolism is lost on me.

Catherine Pulsifer said, “Starting over can be challenging, but also it can be a great opportunity to do things differently.”

Lonnie at Fannin Tree Farm in Frisco, Texas came to my rescue. Since we made the decision to remove our Hackberry and Fruitless Mulberry trees, this was a great time to plant trees that we like and place them where they will serve us the best.

Stay tuned for part two as I share our new trees!

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