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Ready to Place Your Order?

I was in a meeting with a dear friend at the beginning of 2018. We were sharing our goals and some of the ideas of how we were going to achieve them this year. My friend wrote her goal down and then acted like she was turning in her order to the waitress at a restaurant. She literally took the tablet that she wrote the goal on and lifted up her arm and spoke those words “Here is my order.”

When she did that, a huge light bulb went off in my head!

This was unbelievably powerful!

Whoever you 'pray' to or whatever stars you wish upon at night, think about the incredible peace you may feel knowing you are just submitting your order to be fulfilled.

Well, I have to confess that I have been doing this all year long and I cannot tell you how many goals or requests I have put on my order that have come true or happened! I have hardly missed a day this year, and I love seeing my orders fulfilled.

One of my orders recently has been the 5 x 5 rule. 

“If it’s not gonna matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset by it.” ~ Word Porn

I am telling myself, "I am calm, nice, reasonable and not bitchy if things don’t work out." It has been a great reminder to just “let It Go” if a situation is not going to take my life or the life of my loved ones. It certainly takes the pressure off a bit.

I tend to get a little uptight when things don’t always work out. Don't we all? 

I am sharing what happened yesterday and is continuing on today. I am in the middle of checking out health insurance. I need to make a change by 1/1/2019. I will be 65 in January and it is Medicare time. You get the picture: supplemental Insurance etc, etc.


I had a long meeting Friday with an insurance agent and I purchased new health insurance for my husband and I.  I thought I got a great deal, gave them my credit card and signed the new application. I checked the bank account and the new insurance premiums went through on Monday. I texted the insurance agent to see if it was okay to go ahead and cancel the one I have currently. "Well, I have good news and bad news," the agent told me. Oh great. I could feel the blood pressure rising. It was not such a good deal, unless I could go ahead switch over now and be covered now, BEFOFRE the changes coming in January!

Well crap. Now I have two premiums coming out at one time! 

I am getting plenty of practice to abide by my 5 x 5 rule as I work through this insurance deal. It is still ongoing as I am writing this blog. I am telling myself (over and over again) that it is not going to matter in five years.  "You still have a (new) roof over your head. You have hot water to take a nice long hot shower. You have A/C to keep cool in this 100 degree weather we have right now. You have wheels to go into town! YOU ARE OKAY ! !" These are my daily conversations with myself. You get the idea.

Writing down my order to keep my goals, requests and changes I am working towards in front of me each day is beyond powerful. As I write them out each day,  I raise my arm with my order, and speak each one out loud. I am reminded of them each day, each week, each month, and each year!

I have a journal that I am putting my orders in and if you looked at it - it kind of looks like a puzzle. I write each one in a different color and I write sideways, upside down, and just about any style to make them fit. I had to start numbering them so I could follow the puzzle as I read them out loud. I usually keep it to one page and I average between 12 - 14 orders each day.

Confession: this 5 x 5 rule has been reminding me to “let it go” it is not going to matter in five years! And it works, friends. Sure, I'm cringing a bit at the fact that we have two insurance premiums coming out at the same time, but I'm writing it all down and placing my orders. ;-)

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