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Time to Pull the Weeds

We have received about 1 ½ inches of much needed rain the last few days. YEAH, It was a perfect morning to go out and pull up a few weeds. We had an old dying tree removed last winter and the new grass in slowly but surely filling in the spot in front of Shirley (my fun, oversized chair). Some of our huge cracks in the ground are starting to close up! One of them was probably big enough to swallow up a lawnmower wheel if we got too close to it! Haha!

I went to see the Rachel Hollis Presents #MadeForMore movie last night. It was awesome, encouraging and lots of great tips. As I was out pulling weeds this morning it reminded me of what #RachelHollis said in her movie:

"We need to put ourselves first and take care of us! Before we do anything else if we expect to go after those goals and dreams."

Such wise advice, but then she went on to tell us how she takes care of herself. She said to pick one thing and make a commitment with yourself for 30 days. Do it five days a week for thirty days. It takes that long to establish a habit so you will continue on with it. One of the things she did was remove Diet Coke from her daily routine for 30 days! Then another 30 days and now she does not even crave it anymore. I can think of a few things I could remove, can't you? 

As I was looking at the weeds growing today, I knew it would be easy to remove them, because the ground was so incredibly moist from all of the rain.  Then I can simply let the grass creeping towards them start to fill in those areas of bare dirt. Okay, so what is one thing that I can do?

One thing I have done to take care of myself lately is yoga. My good friend Cory Fredericksen with Wellness Through Reflexology LLC recommended a few DVDs for me to get started. First, let me tell you she is truly amazing. I have had a few private lessons from her and she is so fantastic. But I live on the other side of town from her, so this was an alternate choice for me.

I am currently writing my first solo book and I have been stressing myself out as I fit that into my schedule and keep up with my normal job and routine. So I started to weed my schedule and Rachel Hollis reminded me to take care of myself first! Another great tool she suggested: Be intentional, at the beginning of the week make out your schedule.


So I have put YOGA on my schedule for the week. This is a commitment! Are you really serious about making this happen? Do you really want to better yourself? One other tip I really like from Rachel Hollis is to make a playlist of your favorite moving music and when the weeds start to creep in, play it and re-motivate yourself to keep weeding through your lawn of procrastination.

I have always said, if “MOMMA” is happy, the whole family will flourish. That is so true in our family. It doesn’t matter if your kids are still at home or they have moved out. We hold the glue to the family and it extends to wherever our family may be located.

I would love to hear from you. What is one thing you can start right now and weed out of your life to make room for that beautiful new grass that is growing? Share with me! 

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